E.B. Lewis interview, May 2011

Mrs. Carver’s fourth grade class at Thomas A. Edison Elementary School, Tonawanda, NY read Stars Above Us and asked the following questions of illustrator E.B. Lewis.  Mr. Lewis graciously responded from Portugal.

Tell us how you make the illustrations.  Do you sketch the pictures first and then color them?

I do draw first before I begin to paint.

Do you know the author?  Do you work with the author?

I do not know the author, and we have not met.

Why do you want to be an illustrator?  Is this a career where you make a lot of money?  Have you been an illustrator for many years?

I really enjoy being able to do what I love and that is creating and drawing. As for the money, follow your passion and the money will come.  I’ve only been illustrating for 16 years.

How did you make Amanda’s room so pretty?

I work from real life, so her room was already pretty.

How do you make the light for the stars and fireflies?

The light in my paintings are always the paper. I never use white paint.

Do you illustrate once the author is done or before?

I have to wait until the author has completed their work before I can begin to do mine.

How did you learn to draw?  Where did you learn to draw?

I was formally trained in art schools from the time I was 11 years old, and I’m still learning.

Do you relate personally to the story?

My relationship to the stories are sometimes personal and many times not.

Tell us about growing up.  What were your favorite things to do?  Did you like drawing as a kid?

I loved drawing and playing in my back yard building forts, and I still do. 🙂

 Thank you for these great questions. Keep striving for excellence and following your passion and your dreams will also come true.

 Yours truly,

 E. B. Lewis

May 2011



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