Candace Fleming Interview, June 2011

Ms. Kirsten Down shared her experiences interviewing NYSRA Charlotte Award nominated author Candace Fleming via Skype.  Thank you to Ms. Fleming for her support of the NYSRA Charlotte Award and to Ms. Down and her students for the great summary of  the  interview!

On May 31st, the second and third graders at Town of Webb School had a chance to Skype with author Candace Fleming. We had preread her book Clever Jack Takes the Cake a wonderful story about a boy whose present for the princess takes many surprising turns.

The students also reviewed Ms. Fleming’s website and read her bio. The Skype worked well, and we had a great hour asking Ms. Fleming questions about her book and the writing process.

Fleming talked about how she used elements from many traditional fairy tales in the story from Billy Goats Gruff, to trolls and four and twenty blackbirds. She also said she choose Jack to be poor as that was a key element in the story: that a gift does not need to be expensive to be good.   Jack is named after Jack in the beanstalk who also traded for the things he needed. She also mentioned that this is not the first time she has worked with illustrator Brian Karas and she really likes his style.

From her lifelong interest in stories to her dedication to writing, the students had a first hand chance to hear from an author. Being a small school in the Adirondack Mountains, meeting an author is not a common place event. All the students enjoyed the experience and I can’t thank Ms. Fleming enough for sharing her time and love of books with us. We look forward to her publications and trying further author Skypes!


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