Margie Palatini Interview, May 2011

On Friday, May 27th at Rosendale Elementary School in Niskayuna, NY, Nicole Grosso’s second grade class and the school librarian, Pat Carboni, had the opportunity to have a skype author visit with Margie Palatini.  She was high energy and the kids were hanging on her words.  She shared how she got the idea for her book , Lousy Rotten Stinkin Grapes.

It was inspired by the Aesop fable.  Her retelling was a story about teamwork.  The fox character was created based on Simon Cowell from American idol.   She also shared how she thought of the idea for the book, Bad Boys.   The kids loved the story she told about her son and nephew misbehaving during a family picture and that was the inspiration for the book.


One student said, “I loved it because we could actually see her.” Another student commented, ” She was awesome because she has a great imagination.” Margie Palatini helped the children to understand that being an author takes time and patience.  She also was inspiring because she showed that story ideas are all around us and our imaginations bring them to life.


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