Interview with Salina Yoon


Ms. Charlton’s students at Guardino Elementary in Clayton, NY provided interview questions for Salina Yoon, author of Penguin and Pinecone, and Penguin and Ms. Yoon responded.

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How many books have you written, Ms. Yoon?

I have written and illustrated nearly two hundred books for children! Most are very short books. This is my bookshelf with at least 100 of my books. Do you see Penguin and Pinecone on the shelf?

4 pic

How long did it take you to write your first book?

About 3 months. Some books go faster. Some books take LONGER! It all depends on the story. This is how I start to write a book. I draw tiny little pictures in tiny little boxes, and write up some words to go with them. Then I keep revising and revising until it feels finished.


How many years have you been an author?

Twelve very short years. It seems like many, but it goes by super fast when you’re having fun!

Salina Yoon, May 2013

And from Penguin

This book is my favorite! I hope you like it, too.


Here are some more pictures!

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Visit Penguin’s Blog:

And from the NYSRA Charlotte Award Committee: Thank you Ms. Yoon, Penguin, and Guardino Elementary for this fantastic interview!



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3 responses to “Interview with Salina Yoon

  1. Jen C.

    My students are absolutely going to love the way you presented this. Thank you so very much!!

    • Dear Jen C.,
      Please thank your students for the fun questions! I have always been a more visual person, so it only made sense to answer questions with pictures! Your class may see more fun Penguin adventures on his blog:
      (All clay Penguins and Bears are made by me. My husband made Bear’s house… including the hand painted, hand cut, and hand glued shingles!) Aside from the props, it’s all handmade, and we do it just for fun!

      Very best wishes,
      P.S. If your students have any additional Q’s, I’m happy to answer them.

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