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New York State Reading Association

New York State Reading Association Charlotte Award

In choosing books for the NYSRA Charlotte Award, we consider:
Books that will encourage children and youth to read and appreciate fine literature.
We choose books for the ballot with high quality text and illustrations.
Books that represent the diversity of our state. We choose books for the ballot that
reflect male and female viewpoints as well as books that reflect the cultural and
racial diversity of our readers.
Books that demonstrate different genres and formats. We choose books from a
variety of genres and formats, including picture books, novels, or graphic novels
for all age levels.
Books that are written by NY authors are given special consideration as we like to
highlight our state’s authors, but we also look beyond our NYS borders for great
Most importantly, we choose books that that appeal to children and youth as well
as appeal to their teachers. Most of our books are read in school and library
settings so we aim to choose books that will be read and enjoyed by everyone.